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Tasman Insulation - using a motor replacement policy to save energy and safeguard production

Tasman Insulation has improved energy efficiency and is set to save more than $10,000 a year - thanks to a policy that takes the guesswork out of motor replacement.

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 Image of insulation being manufactured.

MCK Metals Pacific - magnetic stirrer saves on gas

The New Plymouth factory of MCK Metals Pacific Ltd is saving almost 7% in gas consumption after installing a permanent magnetic stirrer in their gas-fired furnace. The magnetic stirrer not only reduces the melting time required, it also increases the amount of aluminium melted per hour, reduces wastage and improves product quality.

>> Read the case study [PDF]
MCK Metals Pacific

Alpha Laboratories

Alpha Laboratories has installed a make-up air pre-dryer - this investment was enhanced by reducing air loss, introducing sensors and load-based control strategies. Combined the new equipment and processes are cutting gas use by 72% - $60,000 each year.

>> Read the case study [PDF]
Alpha Labs