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Are biofuel blends OK for my vehicles?

You can be confident about the quality of all biofuel blends available for sale in New Zealand, as they must meet the same government-regulated fuel specifications that ordinary diesel and petrol must meet.

Virtually all diesel vehicles can use a 5% biodiesel blend(B5) without any engine or fuel system modifications. Higher blends, such as B20, are able to be used for many large commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses, provided a few simple checks and steps are followed. Some engine manufacturers also approve the use of 100% biodiesel. EECA recommends that businesses check with their vehicle or engine manufacturer, and with a specialist with particular expertise in the field, about the level of blend that's suitable for their vehicles.

Most new and many older vehicles can use bioethanol-blended petrol.The Automobile Association (AA) website has a list of vehicles that support the use of bioethanol-blended petrol.

To find out if your vehicle supports the use of a bioethanol blend visit the AA website. You can also contact the official representative of the vehicle manufacturer in New Zealand.

If you have any doubts or concerns about using a biofuel blend, check your vehicles handbook, or with the equipment supplier.