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Industrial energy audit - programme partners

All EECA-funded energy audits are carried out by experienced, approved EECA programme partners. If you'd like to apply for an Industrial energy audit grant, contact a programme partner directly. They can advise on the best type of energy audit for you, and assist you with your application.

Programme Partner company names Programme Partners by technology area

Pumping systems Fan systems Compressed air systems Process heat systems Refrigeration
Ahika Consulting X     X X
Atlas Copco NZ Ltd     X    
Demand Response Ltd X X
DETA Consulting X X   X X
Emsol X X X X X
Enercon (a divison of LineTech Consulting) X X X X X
Energy NZ Ltd X X X X X
Energy Veritas Ltd X X   X X
Fanzone Air Systems   X      
Ites Ltd X X   X  
Ivan A Fraser X X X X X
Jackson Engineering X       X
MAS Engineering X X      
Norman Disney & Young X X      
Power Solutions Ltd       X X
PSL Wholesale Ltd     X    
Windsor Engineering   X      

Download the audit grant application form.