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Feasibility study support

EECA offers feasibility study support to businesses that are considering a specific energy efficiency or renewable energy project, but require further assessment of the technical and financial feasibility before deciding to proceed or not.

Projects can be in either an industrial or commercial setting, and may relate to any technology or process that has potential for economic energy efficiency or renewable energy use. For example, feasibility study support might be sought to determine the viability of:

  • Installing a more efficient compressed air system or boiler and hot water system in a manufacturing plant;
  • Upgrading the space heating for a commercial complex of facility, such as a school, rest home, or hospital;
  • Conversion or replacement of a heat plant using a fossil fuel to a plant that will use a renewable fuel.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for feasibility study support, an applicant must be the owner or manager responsible for the plant or building that the project relates to.

This does not preclude an application being developed by a consultant, in the name of a business owner or manager.

What’s on offer?

Up to 40% of the cost of the feasibility study, to a maximum of $20,000.

To qualify for feasibility study support you must:

  • have the study undertaken by a suitably qualified consultant without vested interest in any equipment involved in the project concerned;
  • be able to demonstrate that the scope of the study has been defined following reasonable exploration of viable solutions; and
  • be ale to demonstrate that cost quotation for the study is market competitive; and
  • be prepared to commit to implementing the project concerned, should the study identify that the project is feasible and satisfies your business investment criteria.

EECA will assess each feasibility study application according to quality of the information provided and whether the project concerned has a reasonable chance of producing an economic energy efficiency or renewable energy outcome.

How do I apply?

To apply, download and complete the application form >>

If you have questions about the feasibility study grants or would like to discuss a particular project, email or call EECA on 0800 358 676.

Other funding available

EECA offers a range of other funding options to help reduce the risk for businesses wanting to invest in energy efficiency improvements or renewable energy.

  • Industrial project support - for energy efficiency or renewable energy projects. Find out more.
  • Commercial buildings - EECA support is available for energy efficiency projects, energy management and building design. Find out more.
  • Crown loans are available to public sector organisations for energy efficiency or renewable energy projects. Find out more.

Even if you don't qualify for EECA support, an energy audit could be a valuable tool to assess energy-saving opportunities in your business. You can find out more here.