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Episode 1 :: Introduction

In this episode we'll find out what the Energy Spot is all about.

Welcome to the Energy Spot, where we'll find bright ways to use energy, without compromising the way we live.

This episode introduces some of the topics that we'll be looking at over coming weeks and months, including:

  • efficient ways we can make our homes warm and comfortable when heating
  • what we can do to reduce our fuel bills - and our environmental impacts - when we're on the road
  • how businesses can achieve big savings, improved competitiveness and a better bottom line through good energy management

By looking at the choices we make, we can get more out of the energy we use. That means lower energy bills, warmer healthier homes, better businesses and benefits for the whole country.

Did you know?

  • The average household spends around the same amount of money on vehicle fuel as on energy for their home - about $2,200 a year
  • We waste around $100 million a year across the country by leaving our appliances on stand-by[1], with very little benefit. That's about as much electricity needed to power 55,000 homes
  • Most New Zealand homes leak a lot of heat. Heat escapes through holes, gaps, cracks and anywhere that's not insulated properly - which makes our homes harder and more expensive to get warm. Plugging up the gaps and getting good insulation makes for a healthier and much more comfortable home.

Check out Energy Spot every week

Each week there'll be a new Energy Spot episode - you can catch it by:

  • Tuning in at 6:50pm on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday each week - you'll find us on TV One, TV2, TV3 or Maori TV
  • Visiting the website here each week to watch the episode and get lots more information on the week's topic.


[1] Based on 1.54 PJ of annual standby energy use. Source: Consultation Regulation Impact Statement: Horizontal One Watt Standby Standard, Discussion draft for stakeholder comment issued under the auspices of the Ministerial Council on Energy. e3, January 2009.

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