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Episode 21 :: Choose efficient light bulbs

There are loads of different efficient light bulbs on the market these days. You may be surprised at all the types, shapes, colours, brightness and sizes available – there are efficient light bulbs for virtually every light fitting and occasion.

So whatever you want to light up – there’s an energy saving bulb that’s right for the job.

Below are some tips on how to choose an efficient light bulb replacement.

Know what type of bulb you’re replacing

Look at how bright it is (the wattage, written on the bulb), whether it puts out a warm or cool colour, what type of bulb it is (bayonet, screw-in or pins), and whether it’s an unusual shape or size (if so, it may pay to take it with you to the shop).

arrow Find out more about choosing efficient light bulbs.

Check the packaging to get the right brightness

Make sure you get the right brightness of efficient light bulb by checking the box – the wattage and type of inefficient bulb they replace is usually clearly displayed. Otherwise, look for lumens (the amount of light it puts out) to ensure you get the right amount of light for your needs. Find out more about what to look for on bulb packaging.

Use the efficient lighting tool

There is a handy tool to show you which energy efficient bulbs you could use, and the savings you can make.

arrow Use the efficient lighting tool.

Did you know?

arrow Replacing an old 100 Watt bulb with an equivalent energy efficient CFL one could save you up to $140 over its life, and last on average seven times longer.

arrow If every household in New Zealand used efficient lighting, we would save the same amount of power that the city of Hamilton uses each year.