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Episode 26 :: Lighting in business

This episode shows how two companies - Pak N' Save Upper Hutt and BNZ - are improving their business through efficient lighting.

Did you Know?

New Zealand businesses could save nearly $150 million dollars a year with the right lighting.

Change the way your business sees lighting

For many businesses lighting is around 30% of their energy bill. Getting lighting right can improve productivity and customer experience and your bottom line.

Good lighting design is about having the right light where it is needed to meet your business and staff needs. It is also about not over lighting and spending more than you need to.  Pak N’ Save Upper Hutt and BNZ - are two examples of companies improving their business through efficient lighting

Lighting is an important part of retail delivery

By introducing more efficient lighting technology, Pak n’ Save, Upper Hutt has both improved lighting levels within the store and reduced electricity use. It’s great for their customers, and saves about 30 percent on lighting load.

BNZ’s Harbour Quays building in Wellington is a 5 star Green Building that makes good use of natural light and efficient lighting technologies. Lights are controlled by a central timer and turn on automatically. Sensors measure how much natural light is coming in from outside and automatically adjust light levels inside The estimated savings from good lighting design in this building are 45% over typical office lighting levels

Use the Business Lighting Assessment Tool

Many businesses are overlit and businesses are spending more than they need to. New lighting technologies provide the right levels of light, in the right places, without compromising your staff or customer experience.

Even small changes like putting in sensors and timers can make a big difference and improve your business running costs.

Use our handy business tool to help understand what kind of lighting you need for your business. Spend a few minutes with this tool and get an action plan to help you get your lighting spot on.

Use the business lighting assessment tool

Here are some tips

There are a number of no-cost and low-cost ways to reduce energy costs on lighting:

  • Turn off lights that aren't needed
  • Use daylight where you can
  • Maintain the lighting system
  • Selectively reduce the number of lamps in over-lit areas

Find out more about lighting in your business.

Download our Lighting in Business Action Sheet

Watch our case study video about how SKYCITY has reduced energy use was through upgrading the lighting in the corridors and carparks.