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Episode 26 :: Lighting in business - transcript

[Animated opening sequence, music and title: EECA Business: The Energy Spot]

We open on Jared, he’s standing in front of a plain background – just white.

He says:

Hi. For any business, it makes sense to have the right lighting where you need
it, to do the job properly. Like us.

We cut to see that Jared is standing in front of a small set – a flat ’limbo background’.
We can see the film crew, and just a couple of film lights which are illuminating only Jared and the set,
everything around is darker.

In many businesses lighting is around 30% of their energy bill…

Jared starts walking off the set, as he continues:

So, getting lighting right can improve productivity, customer experience and
your bottom line. Take this store…

Now Jared is walking along the aisle of a Pak n Save (we can clearly see their branding) Upper Hutt
Supermarket (super), it’s full of shoppers. We see a shot of the effect of the lighting system – light is focused on shelves and products. Jared continues:

Efficient lighting technologies provide the right levels of light, where needed.

A shopper takes a product off a shelf:

It’s great for their customers, and saves about 30% on their lighting load.

We then cut to see Jared walking into the foyer of an office building.

Many offices are overlit, and businesses are spending more than they need to.

We see that Jared is in the BNZ building - we see the BNZ branding. We see people at work in the
offices. Jared indicates the windows as he says:

Here BNZ got it right, with good use of natural light and efficient lighting.

Jared walks into a room and the lights come on as he enters – there’s a computer on the table, Jared

Even small changes, like putting in sensors and timers make a difference to
your running costs.

Jared goes to the computer and sits down in a chair at the table.

He says:

To easily understand what kind of lighting you need use this lighting assessment tool at

Cut to EECA Business website homepage with Lighting Assessment tile.
Cut to: Lighting Assessment Tool.

We see Jared use the tool. 

Graphic: appears.

Cut to: Various pages of Assessment Tool pages / use.
Jared says:

Get an action plan to help you get your lighting spot on.

Now Jared is walking down the stairs on the way out of the BNZ building. As he reaches the bottom step, he says to us:

With the right lighting, New Zealand businesses could save nearly $150 million
Dollars, a year.

As animated end sequence appears with music, we hear Jared say:

See you next time.

EECA recommends seeking professional advice where appropriate.
New Zealand Government