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Episode 29 :: Getting the most out of the EECA Business website - transcript

[Animated opening sequence, music and title: EECA Business: The Energy Spot]

Jared is in a boat walking up the stairs from the hull. Jared says:
Every business can use tools to make them be more efficient. A fish finder saves time looking for fish, and this tool can help your business be more efficient, by improving your productivity, reputation and bottom line, through managing energy.

We see the EECA Business webpage while he says "through managing energy".

Jared continues:
Like Sky City:

Sky City Matt Howells, Facilities says:
We made changes to our energy use that didn't effect our customer experience, and we were surprised how quickly it delivered to our bottom line.

Jared says:
And this one....

Premier Plastics Ltd, Steve Habershon, General Manager:
Driving energy efficiency plays a big part in our competitiveness overseas, we are now sitting at the European benchmark.

Jared continues:
There are tips, actions you can take and interactive tools like the "Energy Leader"

Cuts to the Energy Leader page of the website. Jared continues:
The EECA business website can help any business. But don't just take our word for it...

Cut to Sophie Heighway, Downer Constuction
It really sped up my research, the tools and case studies were really helpful.

Jared continues:
New Zealand businesses could save up to $2 billion dollars of energy a year. Don't miss opportunities to save up to 20% on your energy bill. Go to

[Animated ending sequence and music]



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