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Episode 5 :: Choosing and using efficient whiteware

Choosing energy efficient whiteware, and thinking about the way you use it, can really cut your electricity use without compromising your lifestyle.

Running whiteware appliances - like fridges, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers - accounts for about 30% of the average power bill.

Because we use these appliances daily and tend to keep them for a long time, choosing and using them wisely can lower your power bills and make better use of our country's resources for years to come. Here's how.

Know what you need

Think about what you need your appliance to do and how big it needs to be. Appliances that are too big or too small generally won't be as efficient.

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Choose highly efficient appliances

When buying a new appliance, it's not just the purchase price you need to consider. Some appliances cost a lot less to run over their lifetime, because they're a lot more energy efficient.

Look for the ENERGY STAR® mark for superior energy efficiency.

You can also use the energy rating label to help compare models - the more stars, the more efficient.

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It's not just what you buy...

Appliance running costs are not just about what product you buy - how you use them every day also makes a big difference.

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Maintain your appliances

Check your appliances are working properly, otherwise they will have to work harder and will cost you in the long run.

A simple way to check the door seals on your fridge is to turn a torch on, put it inside your fridge and close the door. If you can see the torchlight your seals need replacing.

Did you know?

Over its lifetime, a two-star washing machine could cost three times as much to run and a four-and-a-half star machine.

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