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There are many professionals who can provide practical help with energy efficiency, energy-saving technology and/or renewable energy. EECA also works with some industry associations to develop energy management programmes for specific sectors. Find out about the support available below, including organisations that can provide referrals or direct advice.

Find help with:

Energy efficiency

Fuel efficiency

Renewable energy

Advice for specific industries

If you can't find the support or advice you need about energy efficiency or renewable energy in your business, please email us at

Energy efficiency

Building design and construction

Green Star NZ accredited professionals are trained to advise on energy efficient building design and construction. The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) maintains a directory of accredited professionals, including architects, engineers and project managers.

EcoSmart electricians

EcoSmart electricians are trained in energy efficient products, technology and installation. You can find an EcoSmart electrician near you through the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand (ECANZ).

Compressed air systems auditors

A compressed air system (CAS) audit by a independently Accredited CAS Auditor will identify opportunities for electricity cost savings and recommend cost-effective savings measures. You can find the contact details of the Accredited CAS Auditors on the Compressed Air Systems website.

Air efficiency rating scheme - endorsed providers

This scheme is designed for businesses that have a single air compressor. Endorsed providers are available to assess the efficiency of the compressed air system and identify efficiency opportunities. View contact details of endorsed providers.

Quality-certified motor rewind workshops

Choose a quality-certified motor rewind workshop for confidence that your electric motor rewinds and repairs don't introduce new costs from losses of efficiency and reliability. View contact details for the quality-certified workshops.

Refrigeration, heating and air conditioning

Contact the Institute of Refrigeration, Heating & Air Conditioning Engineers (IRHACE) to find an accredited engineer near you who can advise on energy efficient refrigeration, heating and air conditioning.

Sustainable business advice

Sustainable Business Network (SBN) members can access the Ask an Expert Advice Line to improve sustainability performance in all areas, including energy use.

Energy Masters

Energy Masters are energy management experts, trained and accredited by the Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ).
To find an Energy Master near you, visit the EMANZ website. To find out what they can do for your business, read the case studies on the EMANZ website.

ENERGY STAR® manufacturers, retailers and service providers

For information regarding ENERGY STAR® partners, visit our directory:

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Fuel efficiency

Choosing light vehicles

Visit the RightCar website to compare vehicles' safety.

Print your vehicles fuel economy label or use the ENERGYWISE fuel economy tool to compare cars and see how far they can travel on $100 of fuel.

The Sustainable Business Network's Greenfleet programme offers a range of resources including a procurement tool.

Choosing heavy vehicles

The New Zealand Transport Agency provides a guide to selecting fuel efficient heavy vehicles.

Driver education and training

The Ministry of Transport provide the SAFED NZ programme for truck and bus drivers, covering safe and fuel-efficient driving. Email for more information.

Workplace travel planning

The New Zealand Transport Agency provides guidance on workplace travel planning.

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Renewable energy


The Wood Energy Knowledge Centre provides general information about bioenergy or answer specific questions relating to your business or organisation.

The Bioenergy Association of NZ (BANZ) can provide you with a list of bioenergy professionals in New Zealand.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has statistics, publications and research on bioenergy use.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) provide information about New Zealand’s greenhouse gas footprinting programme.

Crown Research Institute Scion has in-depth research and information about bioenergy in New Zealand.

Small scale sustainable electricity

The Sustainable Electricity Association New Zealand (SEANZ) maintains a business directory of specialists who can assist with design and installation of small-scale renewable energy projects - including solar, wind and hydro.

Solar water heating

Accredited solar installers are trained by the Solar Industries Association (SIA). You can find other professionals involved in renewable energy hot water systems through the New Zealand Hot Water Association (NZHWA).

Wind energy

To find experts in wind energy installation or consulting, view the New Zealand Wind Energy Association's member directory. The site includes a wind energy calculator and fact sheets.

If you need more specific advice on renewable energy options, please email us at

Wood energy

The Wood Energy Knowledge Centre is the repository of in-depth industry information, research and guidance about supply and demand of wood energy, including interactive tools and calculators.  

The Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST) may be able to provide funding for the development of cogeneration plants. 

The New Zealand Wood website provides information about New Zealand-grown wood and its uses.

The Short Rotation Crops website provides information about energy crops.

The Solid Wood Innovations (SWI), is a research consortium of twenty-six companies, and will support members to improve efficiency in wood processing.

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Advice for specific industries

Aggregates and quarries

The Aggregate and Quarry Association of New Zealand has developed a best practice energy programme for the industry including discounted audits and training.

Building and Construction

The Department of Building and Housing provides updates on the new energy efficiency requirements for building work.


Plastics New Zealand has developed a best practice energy programme in collaboration with EECA for businesses involved in the plastics industry. The programme includes audits, mentoring and training, find out more about the plastics energy efficiency programme.


See the Renewable Energy/Wood energy section on this page for organisations which can provide information on renewable energy options for businesses involved in forest harvesting and wood processing.

Seafood industry

The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council has partnered with EECA to improve energy efficiency in the seafood industry. The result is a best practice programme which includes monitoring, improving fishing gear and sharing information.

Tourism and hospitality

The Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA) has developed the Tourism Energy Efficiency Programme in partnership with EECA. The programme includes audits, mentoring and assistance with energy efficiency.

The Ministry of Tourism publishes sustainable business guides for the sector.


The New Zealand Retailers Association have partnered with EECA to improve energy efficiency and cut costs for retailers, nationwide. Energy Shop is a new scheme which aims to improve profitability in New Zealand's retail sector - through lower energy costs.


If you are an industry association and want to work with EECA on energy efficiency, or have energy management resources you would like to promote, please email us at

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