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Low-cost energy saving options

A small budget can go a long way to making your business more energy efficient.  There are some simple, low-cost actions you can take now. 

Maintain your site

  • Clean windows to maximise natural light 
  • make sure fridges, freezers and ovens have good seals 
  • regularly thaw fridges and freezers 
  • set up a contract with your maintenance supplier to regularly check appliances.

Insulate your site

  • If there isn't any already, install ceiling and under floor insulation in areas that you heat or cool
  • Draught-proof external doors and windows
  • Weatherproof your building by filling gaps around pipes entering the walls
  • Wrap your electric hot water cylinder if it is slightly warm to the touch, even if an A grade cylinder
  • Wrap the first few metres of hot water pipe from the cylinder, high-use hot water pipes and external hot water pipes with pipe lagging.

Change the lights

  • Replace incandescent bulbs with energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps (CFL's), particularly for lights used more than four hours a day
  • Replace 36mm fluorescent tubes with 28mm triphosphor tubes - check first that they can be used in your lighting system
  • Make sure the lighting level is correct for your office or industrial premises and use timers
  • Install movement-sensitive light switches in infrequently used areas
  • Install light-sensitive switches for external and security lighting
  • Fix timers to office equipment so they switch off at the end of the day.

Choose the most energy-efficient appliances and products

When buying appliances and products, consider the running costs as well as the initial price. Choosing energy-efficient models will save you money in the long term.  

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