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Suppliers to help commercial sector cut lighting costs announced

5 April 2012

Eight companies have been appointed to help businesses in New Zealand cut their lighting bills.

The suppliers have been chosen by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to install subsidised lighting controls for businesses looking to save electricity.

EECA’s Commercial Sector Efficiency Lighting Programme aims to reduce over-lighting and increase the uptake and usage of lighting controls. 

Efficient lighting controls such as daylight harvesting, where lights automatically adjust in response to the amount of daylight in a space, offer substantial savings.

EECA’s Lighting Programme Manager, Bill Brander, is encouraging building owners and tenants to contact the suppliers about installing lighting controls.

“Lighting in commercial buildings such as foodstores, offices, hospitals, retail, schools, hotels and motels accounts for approximately 20 per cent of total energy consumed by the commercial sector.

“Reducing this energy use by just 20 per cent through the use of more efficient lighting and controls could save businesses millions of dollars every year.”

The suppliers selected are:

•    Architectural Intelligence Ltd
•    Electrical Supply Corp 
•    Energy Light Ltd 
•    Eurotec Ltd
•    Philips New Zealand Ltd
•    Thorn Lighting (NZ) Ltd
•    Evolve New Zealand Ltd
•    Advanced Lighting Technologies  NZ Ltd

Contact details for the suppliers can be found here.

Media enquiries: 

Mike Eng, EECA communications, 04 470 2223