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Episode 20 :: Lighting design - transcript

[Animated opening sequence, music and title: EECA ENERGYWISE - The Energy Spot]

We open on Jared at Pencarrow lighthouse, he’s standing in front of the lighthouse and says to us:

When they built Pencarrow lighthouse, they got it wrong. In low cloud, ships couldn’t see it… so they had to build another one at sea level!

We see the second lighthouse way down below on the shore.

Expensive mistake.  So when you’re building or renovating, planning your lighting is essential.

Now Jared is inside a modern renovation with well thought out lighting design. Next to Jared is Lighting Designer, Richard Bracebridge.

A graphic appears that reads ‘Richard Bracebridge, Lighting Designer’, Richard says:

Good lighting design means making sure, that your lighting works for the way you want to use your home.

We see different rooms, from bedrooms to hallway to kitchen, all beautifully and appropriately lit. Richard says:

Lighting’s makes up about 12% of your electricity bill right – yeah so you’ll save by having the correct lighting where and when you need it.

In the open plan living area / dining room, Richard switches the multi-switch so that the kitchen lights go off and the table light switches on. He turns the dimmer - we see a wide shot and the room looks great. Richard says:

There are energy efficient options for all rooms, all occasions, and all lighting tasks.

We see task lighting as Jared comes down the stairs, it’s clearly a great option. The two are now at a computer and Jared says:

Here’s a tip, check out the RightLight Virtual Designer at


Richard moves the cursor over the screen to click on ‘room type’, ‘room shape’ and ‘room style’. he says:

Try out lighting options to see what works best in different rooms.

On the screen we see virtual images of a room from different angles - along with lighting overview information about the lighting being used, we see the cursor click on the ‘My Rooms’ button.

Save your plan, change it, get it right.

Jared turns to us as he sums up, he says:

Good lighting design adds mood, style, and practicality to your home. And saves on electricity and money for a long time to come. I’ll see you next time.


[Animated ending sequence and music]

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