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Fact sheets and brochures

  • Fact sheets and brochures
    1 March 2009

    Good lighting design and control can save up to 75% of industrial buildings lighting costs.

    This technical guide outlines two key ways that industrial lighting operating costs can be reduced. It includes a range of no cost/low cost actions that can be undertaken as well as several actions for reducing energy use associated with industrial lighting which have a longer payback period.

  • Fact sheets and brochures
    26 October 2011

    Compressed air is a vital utility for many companies. But many compressors in New Zealand businesses don't run efficiently, wasting energy and costing their owners money.

    This fact sheet outlines EECA's Air Efficiency Rating Scheme (AERS) which helps smaller users ensure their compressors are as energy efficient as possible, to reduce costs and improve productivity.

  • Fact sheets and brochures
    18 June 2010

    For many businesses, refrigeration systems consume large amounts of electricity, thereby contributing greatly to operating costs. Improvements to technical aspects of operations have the potential to reduce energy use by up to 40%, whilst simple improvements in operational practices can reduce energy use by 15%.

    Aimed at refrigeration operators, this guide outlines system changes that can be made to improve the performance of equipment, reduce operating costs and improve profitability.


  • Fact sheets and brochures
    17 September 2009

    Virtually every industrial process generates waste heat - the challenge is to recover this heat and make use of it economically. Waste heat can be seen in shimmering boiler flues or steaming waste water discharges.

    Heat recovery captures waste heat and uses it to eliminate or reduce energy required in other areas of a process or site. This practice reduces a business's overall energy bill and greenhouse gas emissions as well as improving profitability.


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