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Central Auckland building saves $45,000 due to continuous commissioning

Case studies
30 June 2010

Aspec Properties, a property management company, owns 57 Wellington Street in central Auckland. It is a three-story glass and steel office block that has overtime become very energy inefficient due to being reconfigured to each tenants' needs with little consideration for the impact on energy use.

With the help of ECOsystems, continuous commissioning was undertaken to optimise the building systems for the current building configuration. ‘Continuous commissioning' invests in people time to monitor and investigate every aspect of the way energy is used and controlled. It is an ongoing process of ‘adjust - measure - adjust - measure'.

The project investigated why so much energy was being used and once that was determined, made some changes without any loss of comfort. Changes were made to the chiller and the cold water flow to the fan coil units in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system - effectively stopping the building's heating and cooling system ‘fighting' one another. This resulted in savings of $45,000 per year.

The project also highlighted a number of other improvements that would deliver further savings. These include control upgrades to the building's fresh air system and variable speed drives on the chilled water pumps. Aspec Properties plans to implement these over the next 12 months.