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Commercial buildings programme

Commercial buildings in New Zealand account for 9% of our annual energy use and 21% of our electricity use. The good news is that there are many ways to reduce energy use and costs in commercial buildings - be it offices, retail, hospitality or education. Our experience has shown that energy savings of as much as 50% are possible by improving the efficiency of key energy using systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting. On this page:

Funding and support

Commercial building project grants

Commercial building projects

Up to 40% of the project cost may be available to help get energy efficiency projects over the line.

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Energy management grants

Energy management

You could get up to 50% of the cost of developing energy management expertise in your company.

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Commercial building design grants

Commercial building design

New-build and refurbishment projects can get funding towards energy efficiency advice at design stage.

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Monitoring and targeting

Expert advice and funding for energy monitoring and targeting systems.

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Continuous commissioning

Lower costs and happier tenants. Expert advice and funding for continuous commissioning projects.

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Group-wide energy management support

Funding for industry associations or corporate groups to work together to realise benefits across their members.

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Building energy use - what you should know

Training and events

Training and events

Training is available to improve your knowledge of commercial energy efficiency.

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Office equipment

Computing accounts for around 15% of energy use in commercial buildings, but typically around half the energy is wasted as heat.

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Heating and cooling

1/3 of NZ commercial buildings are estimated to waste energy through 'fighting' heating and cooling.

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How people use energy

Half the energy used in commercial buildings is controlled by the people working in them.

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Software to manage energy

There is software available to help you monitor and manage energy use.

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Many businesses could cut lighting costs by at least half - sometimes as much as 90%.

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Case studies


ASB saved around $1 million a year with improved energy efficiency

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Kiwi Bank

Kiwi Bank is saving more than $20,000 pa by turning off computers

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Selwyn District Council

Energy-conscious design has reduced annual energy use by 56%

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Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank reduced its building energy use by 22%

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Westpac has reduced building energy use by 21% and C02 emissions by 28% and won an award for it.

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Novotel reduced its energy use with a series of low-cost measures which added up to big savings.

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