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Electric motor systems

EECA has a range of programmes and resources to help improve the efficiency of electric motors and electric motor systems in New Zealand industry.

Electric motor replacement policy guide

This guide is intended to assist managers develop site-wide policies to simplify decision-making regarding if and when to replace in-service three-phase electric motors.

Read the electric motor replacement policy guide.

Quality-certified motor rewinders

When making the decision to rewind a three-phase electric motor, choosing a quality-certified workshop makes good business sense.

Further information and a list of quality-certified rewinders.

Air efficiency rating scheme

This scheme assists smaller businesses with compressed air systems to identify easy to implement, low-cost efficiency improvements.

Further information and a list of endorsed providers.

Training, education and audit standards

EECA supports a range of training, education and audit standards relating to motor systems efficiency in New Zealand industry.

Further information on training and education.