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Industrial energy audits

If you want to improve energy use in your business but aren't sure where to start, an energy audit can be an invaluable tool. An energy audit evaluates how energy is being used, and identifies the energy and cost-saving opportunities.

To help your business unlock those savings, EECA helps fund energy audits of the following technology systems:

  • compressed air systems;
  • fan systems;
  • pumping systems; and
  • process heat systems (e.g. hot water or steam boiler systems).
  • refrigeration

Industrial energy audit grants are available for 'base-level' audits or 'investment-level' audits, of one or more of the above technology systems on your site.

The energy audits must be conducted according to EECA-approved energy audit standards by EECA Programme Partners identified according to their technology expertise.

What's on offer?

Eligible sites can get EECA funding towards a base-level audit or an investment-level audit. You select the scope of audit suited to your needs.

Technology systems audits

Available for funding base-level or investment-level audits of any one, or more of the technology areas.

Base-level audit - to identify and broadly quantify energy efficiency opportunities in the selected technology areas.


Investment-level audit - to analyse energy efficiency opportunities in the selected technology area, to an accuracy level that will support an investment decision. 

Audit scope determined from a base-level audit or similar assessment.

EECA audit support

Option one: $800 per system, up to $2,400 per audit.

Option two: up to 40% of audit cost, to maximum of $20,000 per audit.

EECA audit support

Up to 40% of audit cost, to maximum of $20,000 per audit*.


Who should apply

Your organisation may be eligible for industrial energy audit support if it has:

  • 150 kW or more of capacity in electric motorised systems
  • 1.5 MW or more of capacity in heat plant (boiler or oven) systems.

How do I apply?

To apply for an EECA Industrial energy audit, contact an EECA Programme Partner approved for the technology area(s) you are interested in. The Programme Partner can advise on the best type of energy audit for you, and assist with your application.

Download the audit grant application form.

Other EECA services

EECA offers or sponsors a range of other services to help businesses wanting to invest in energy efficiency improvements or renewable energy.

If you have other business energy efficiency questions email: