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Become an ENERGY STAR® partner

ENERGY STAR is the global mark of energy efficiency for products. Promoting and supporting ENERGY STAR builds customer trust in your business, products and people.

Corporate social responsibility is now becoming as important as competitive edge in the eyes of New Zealand consumers. So in today's highly-charged marketplace, actively demonstrating this by promoting energy efficient technology can deliver real business benefits. Such moves are respected by staff, customers, clients, shareholders, and even your competitors.

Current ENERGY STAR partners

EECA has partnerships with leading New Zealand distributors, manufacturers, retailers and service providers, which are key to the success of the ENERGY STAR programme.

Currently in New Zealand there are over 38 ENERGY STAR partners and 15 ENERGY STAR product categories. These are being added to all the time. This shows the diversity of businesses and brands already taking advantage of being aligned with ENERGY STAR.

How to become an ENERGY STAR partner

It is voluntary, will not cost your business anything, and will provide significant benefits.

View the criteria for becoming an ENERGY STAR partner.


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