Business funding & support

The business sector uses 60% of New Zealand’s energy and generates 55% of our energy-related emissions. The most energy-intensive businesses have the greatest potential for reducing carbon and energy use.

EECA works with over 100 of these organisations across all sectors of the economy, to help them overcome the barriers to improving energy efficiency, and reducing energy-related carbon emissions and energy costs.*

EECA provides information and funding to businesses to help identify opportunities to improve energy management and switch to renewable energy sources. EECA also assists with the development of business cases to invest in these opportunities, and demonstration projects to de-risk investment.

EECA co-invests in projects, usually funding up to 40% of the total project cost, with businesses paying the balance.

Some projects are funded directly through businesses, and others via energy management consultants; approved EECA programme partners who work with the businesses on EECA’s behalf.

For more information on companies and organisations EECA has current funding commitments with, download the table below.

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*EECA is primarily funded from the Crown, with part-funding from energy levies on electricity, natural gas and engine fuels.