Crown Loans

We loan money to help public sector organisations implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that provide good examples for other organisations to follow.

What's on offer?

Examples of the types of project we fund include energy efficient space heating, installation of wood-chip boilers and energy efficient lighting.

Crown loans for electric vehicles

We offer Crown loans to help encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in the public sector. The scheme covers the price difference between an electric and a conventional vehicle and the cost of installing a charging point.

Crown loan information for electric vehicles [PDF 70KB]

Evaluation form for crown loan for electric vehicles [XLS 207KB]


Who should apply

  • Government departments
  • District health boards
  • Crown owned companies
  • Territorial authorities
  • Regional councils
  • Universities
  • Polytechnics
  • Public and integrated schools


We evaluate applications according to the following criteria:

  • payback period
  • carbon dioxide  emission reductions
  • how much energy the project saves or is replaced by renewable energy
  • ability of the project to be a demonstration site for other government organisations, communities, and within the private sector
  • other benefits, such as reduced maintained costs, better air quality and industry development.

How to apply

Crown loans are allocated via funding rounds throughout the year.

To apply, complete and submit these forms:

Crown loan application form [DOC 1.6MB]

Crown loan project evaluation form [DOC 247KB]


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