Funding and support

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Programme funding summary

Our funding summary sets out all the EECA Business funding available. Check each individual programme for the latest information.

Commercial building performance advice

We help you to get expert advice on designing and constructing energy efficient commercial buildings.

Crown Loans

We loan money to help public sector organisations implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that provide good examples for other organisations to follow.

Energy audits

If you want your business to make better use of energy, our energy audit is an invaluable tool. An energy audit evaluates how energy is being used, and identifies the energy and cost-saving opportunities. We’ll even help to fund your audit.

Energy management benchmark service

If your organisation spends more than $2 million per year on energy, you could benefit from our energy management planning and benchmarking service (using the One2Five® tool).

Energy management plan

Our energy management support can help you to make saving energy a part of your business. Companies with energy management strategies generally save much more energy than those without.

Feasibility studies and business cases

We offer funding to help businesses find out the costs and technical aspects of an energy efficiency or renewable energy project before deciding whether to go ahead or not.

Industrial systems design advice

An expert review of planned changes to your industrial heating or cooling system can save on energy and costs.It's a great opportunity to get advice on the energy efficiency of your proposed new system in the design phase.

Monitoring and targeting

A monitoring and targeting system tells you in real time how your building is using energy and when things aren’t working. Using one could shave up to 20% off your annual energy bill.

Technology demonstration projects

If you’re looking to invest in a new or under-utilised energy saving technology or a process improvement opportunity that could also benefit your industry sector, we can help fund the cost to demonstrate its potential.

Support for large energy users

For businesses spending more than $2 million per year on energy, or with the ability to influence energy use across a sector, committing to a long-term plan is one of the most effective ways to make energy efficiency savings.

Systems optimisation

Recalibrating existing equipment can significantly reduce costs and better meet staff and production needs.

Transport funding & support

Information on the Government’s Electric Vehicles programme.


Maximise energy efficiency in your organisation with training courses and professional accreditation.