Energy management benchmark service

If your organisation spends more than $2 million per year on energy, you could benefit from our energy management planning and benchmarking service (using the One2Five® tool).

What’s on offer

From these sessions, you will:

  • identify your energy management strengths
  • identity five key areas for improvement
  • identify how to make improvements
  • measure your progress against other companies that use the tool
  • understand the impact that energy use has on your business.

Our planning and benchmarking sessions help you to:

  • save on energy costs through efficiency and productivity gains
  • get your workforce to help manage energy use and costs
  • enhance your brand and market position
  • drive strategic business initiatives.

Our trained facilitators use hour-long sessions with your appointed staff members to examine how your organisation uses its energy. You can measure your progress in reports available online after each session.

Who should apply

Organisations who spend more than $2 million per year on energy that are interested in understanding and improving their energy use.

How to apply

How to find out if a management benchmarking session is suitable for your organisation email the EECA Business team