Feasibility studies and business cases

We offer funding to help larger businesses find out the costs and technical aspects of an energy efficiency or renewable energy project before deciding whether to go ahead or not.

What’s on offer

EECA may fund up to 40% of the costs of a feasibility study, up to a maximum of $50,000.

Your projects can be in an industrial or commercial setting, including public sector, and relate to any technology or process that relates to energy efficiency or renewable energy use. For example, you may apply for funding to determine the viability of:

  • installing a more efficient compressed air system in a manufacturing plant
  • upgrading the heating system for a commercial complex, or hospital
  • converting or replacing a fossil fuel heat plant with one that uses a renewable fuel.


Who should apply

To be eligible for feasibility study funding, you must own or manage the plant or building that the project relates to. You can use a consultant to develop an application in the name of a business owner or manager.


To qualify for funding you must:

  • spend $200,000 or more annually on energy. Smaller energy users may be granted an exception if they are investigating new technologies or processes with a high replication potential;
  • use a qualified consultant who has no vested interest in equipment to be used in the project to undertake the study;
  • demonstrate that the scope of the study has been defined after a reasonable exploration of viable solutions;
  • demonstrate that the cost of the study is competitive;
  • commit to implementing the project.

How to apply

We assess applications on the quality of information provided, and how likely it is that the project will lead to cost-effective energy savings or uptake of renewable energy.

  1. Download the feasibility funding application form
  2. Send the completed forms to EECA BUSINESS
business@eeca.govt.nz EECA                        
PO Box 388
Level 8
44 The Terrace