Industrial systems design advice

An expert review of planned changes to your industrial heating or cooling system can save on energy and reduce your carbon emissions. It's a great opportunity to get advice on the energy efficiency of your proposed new system in the design phase, before you invest in the assets. The consulting expert will also make recommendations on more efficient options.

What’s on offer

EECA may fund up to 40% of the agreed quotation for the work, up to a maximum of $100,000. The review will:

  • Assess opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions
  • Identify energy waste
  • Identify design changes to improve efficiency
  • Where applicable, design recommended changes
  • Estimate the net cost of design changes

We encourage the implementation of viable recommendations delivered by a design review, but there is no obligation to implement any review recommendations.


Who should apply

You can apply for a review grant if yours is an industrial business, there is scope to influence the design of your system and your site uses $200,000 or more of energy per year.

You’ll be expected to provide the review consultant with:

  • documentation of the proposed design of the system to be reviewed, including specifications of energy using components
  • access to (and support of) the person responsible for the proposed design.

The systems covered by design review grants are:

  • compressed air
  • industrial refrigeration (cool stores, cold stores and process cooling)
  • process heat systems (including boilers, furnaces and industrial heat pumps)
  • pumping and fan (cooling water, effluent and fume extraction)

How to apply

To apply for Industrial Systems Design Advice funding, either contact your EECA Business account manager (if you have one), or contact EECA on