Support for large energy users

For businesses spending more than $2 million per year on energy, or those with the ability to influence energy use across a sector, committing to a long-term plan is one of the most effective ways to make energy efficiency savings.

There are often large potential savings that can be realised when energy use is being actively monitored and new opportunities are identified. This programme can help start develop the energy management journey.

What’s on offer

Our programme helps to create plans that save energy by setting up systems to measure and manage energy. Support can cover all aspects of the energy management journey from staff training, energy monitoring and verification, energy audits to identify opportunities and establishing an energy management plan to realise opportunities.

Current programmes

Here are some examples of long term energy management partnerships.

Fletcher Building Ltd




Auckland International Airport


In the past we have supported sector based programmes to help large energy users manage energy. Here are some examples

Solid Wood Innovations

Seafood New Zealand

Plastics New Zealand


Tourism Industry Association New Zealand

Who should apply

  • We want to see proposals from businesses and industry groups which represent a significant proportion of energy use. Your proposals will need to: embed energy management into management systems and adopt ISO50001 or similar framework
  • use services that EECA offers to businesses either directly or through our approved partners
  • address barriers to adopting energy efficiency technology and behaviour across a number of sites
  • look at opportunities for significant energy efficiency
  • deliver long-term, cost-effective savings.


EECA scores eligible applications on 4 criteria.

  • Capability - your business group and any sub-contractors have the expertise, experience and resources to deliver the programme. The programme has the potential to become self-sustaining.
  • Organisational suitability - programme addresses barriers to energy efficiency within the business group over the long term and can engage with and represent a significant proportion of energy use.
  • Risk management - risks are realistic and have been identified. The business group must commit adequate resources (financial and non-financial) to managing risks.
  • Value for money - the proposal represents good value.

Programmes that we don’t fund include:

  • residential
  • installation of solar hot water and photovoltaic panels
  • wind, hydro and marine electricity generation

How to apply

If you’re interested in this programme contact us by email: