Systems optimisation

Cost effective savings are often possible by making better use of existing plant and equipment. By recalibrating equipment so that it meets the needs of building occupants and production demands, significant energy savings can be achieved.

What's on offer

EECA’s systems optimisation programme is open to commercial and industrial sites, including public sector, whose energy systems energy spend totals at least $200,000 per year.

EECA may fund up to 40% of the cost of optimising a system, up to a maximum of $100,000.

EECA’s Programme Partners can assist in optimising the performance of the following types of systems:

  •     HVAC systems
  •     Lighting systems
  •     BMS systems
  •     Process heat (boilers, furnaces, steam and hot water systems)
  •     Compressed air systems
  •     Refrigeration systems
  •     Pumps and motors

These systems can be significant energy users across both industrial and commercial sectors. Systems optimisation focuses on tuning and recalibrating existing equipment, as opposed to purchasing new equipment. EECA can contribute to the cost of specialists that will undertake such tuning.

In some instances significant gains can be achieved by adding additional sensors and feedback systems (e.g. display panels or dashboards) to existing control systems. EECA is able to support such activities provided they deliver sufficient savings. The systems optimisation programme cannot be used to purchase/replace control systems e.g, lighting control systems or building management systems.

Boiler tuning

Boilers should be tuned at least every 6 months. This simple process that takes a couple of hours and can cut up to 25% from your energy bill.

EECA can help you introduce and lock in a 6-monthly boiler tuning schedule, and will fund up to 40% of the costs of each tune-up. We’ll fund up to $5,000 a year per site for tuning boilers, which can be solid, liquid or gas fuelled. You’ll also get a savings report and suggestions on how to be more efficient. You must commit to 6-monthly tunings over a 2-year period.

Related programmes:

Knowing whether your existing system is running efficiently is a key energy management principle and there is little value in tweaking a system that operates near its peak performance. To get the best value from the systems optimisation programme it may be best to utilise some of the following options first:

  • Energy Audits – to benchmark site/system efficiency
  • Monitoring & Targeting – to measure existing energy performance for a site/system   and measure the improvement
  • Performance Advice for Public Buildings - to lock in efficiency during design and construction.


Systems optimisation can have other benefits such as:

  • reduced maintenance costs
  • improved working conditions and safety for your staff with better lighting and heating
  • greater awareness of where your energy is going
  • reducing your carbon footprint.

 Heating, ventilation & air conditioning
 Building management systems

Who should apply

Your site must have energy systems using a minimum total of $200,000 of energy per year.


To qualify, your project must deliver a guaranteed level of energy savings. Our funding is usually enough to ensure the project meets your investment criteria.

Generally, EECA doesn’t fund projects with a payback of less than 2 years, as we expect businesses to fund these themselves. EECA funding is aimed at getting cost-effective projects over the line without over-funding.

How to apply

Our experienced Programme Partners will advise you about funding, the best system for your building and help you to install and run it.

Programme Partners


  Services available
Location: 85 Molesworth Street, Wellington
Contact: Shaan Cory
Phone: 06 759 5735
  • All
Deta Consulting Ltd    
Location: PO Box 3210, Christchurch, 8140
Contact: Johnathan Pooch
Phone: 03 377 6510
  • All

Energy Solution Providers (ESP)    
Location: 10-14 Upper Queen Street, Newton, Auckland
Contact: Jeremy Allen
Phone: 09 309 9482
  • All
Energy Action   
Location: C/- Total Utilities, Suite 8, 267 Pakuranga Road, Auckland, 2010
Contact: Tania Coelho
Phone: 09 600 5678
Mobile: 027 700 2405
  • All
Location: 264 Mt Eden Road, Auckland
Contact: Patrick Verryt
Phone: 09 623 5050
  • All

Jackson Engineering Advisers Ltd
Location: Auckland, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, Dunedin
Contact: Rowan Hains
Phone: 09 378 8736 / 06 870 1300 / 03 474 9338

  •  All

Location: 210 Hazeldean Road, Christchurch & Level 10 Grand Annexe, Wellington
Contact: Ben Thomson
Phone: 027 202 6576

  • All
NZ Energy Systems Ltd
Location: Unit 17, 150 Cavendish Road, Casebrook, Christchurch 8051
Contact: Samuel H Isaacs
Phone: 03 390 4164
  • All
Pioneer Energy Ltd
Location: PO Box 9284, Wellington, 6141
Contact: Jonathan West
Phone: 03 440 0022
  • All

Vacuum Pumps NZ Ltd  
Location: 4b Piermark Drive, Rosedale, North Shore City, 0632
Contact: Tony Long

Phone: 0800 822 767
Mobile: 027 293 4996
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