Technology demonstration projects

If you’re looking to invest in a new or under-utilised energy saving technology or a process improvement opportunity that could also benefit your industry sector, we can help fund the cost to demonstrate its potential.

What's on offer?

Our funding contributes to the cost of demonstrating proven technology or an innovative process improvement opportunity that has yet to be widely adopted in New Zealand. The project may improve energy efficiency and/or reduce carbon emissions.

If accepted, we’ll pay up to 40% of your project costs, and total EECA funding available per project is generally limited to $100,000. Proposals for more than this will be considered in exceptional circulations and only if the project:

  • Is likely to demonstrate significant public benefits resulting in outstanding value for money and
  • Cannot be scaled down without significantly affecting the project’s objectives, viability or value for money and
  • EECA contribution can be no greater than 40% of the total project cost


Technology Demonstration Brochure [PDF 166KB]

Who should apply

The programme is open to businesses who want to either:

  1. install energy efficient and/or renewable energy technologies that are provided by EECA registered technology suppliers. Businesses engage with a relevant registered supplier, develop a demonstration project and apply for funding. 
  2. implement an innovative energy efficiency or renewable energy process improvement opportunity themselves. In this case, businesses develop a demonstration project and apply for funding.



To qualify for funding, your project must meet these conditions:

  • Reduce energy intensity or greenhouse gas emissions
  • Be applicable to multiple businesses in a sector
  • Be financially viable, with a reasonable payback period
  • you will commit to having your project independently monitored and to promoting the project and outcomes.

In addition, you must meet the following requirements:

  • For technology related projects the technology must be commercially available and the technology supplier must first be registered with EECA
  • For innovative processes projects, any process change must be proven
  • You will commit to having your project independently monitored and to promoting the project and outcomes.

Projects must meet minimum cost-effectiveness requirements for energy benefits. Information of current applicable criteria is available on request from EECA. We give priority to technologies that could be used on multiple sites and across sectors.

We will not consider projects that have already started or will happen anyway.  We also won't fund projects involving the following:

  • residential products
  • standard commercial lighting, including LED's and office products
  • solar hot water and photovoltaic panels
  • electric light passenger vehicles (specialist electric vehicles may be considered)
  • wind, hydro and marine electricity generation
  • products under research and development.

How to apply

If interested in funding please contact EECA Business.

If your project involves a registered supplier of a technology:
  1. engage a registered supplier
  2. develop your demonstration project plan
  3. download the technology demonstration application form
  4. send the completed forms to EECA BUSINESS (
If your project is not based on a technology from a registered supplier:
  1. develop your demonstration project plan
  2. download the technology demonstration application form
  3. send the completed forms to EECA BUSINESS (


Technology demonstration application form [DOCX 145KB]

Registered technology suppliers

Suppliers of commercially available energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies who wish to register a technology under this programme are requested to contact EECA BUSINESS ( in the first instance.

The following companies are registered as suppliers under the Technology Demonstration Programme.

2+ New Zealand Limited
Technology: DCI electrochemical cell scaling and corrosion protection system
Contact: Gavin Cherrie
Phone:  021 1900 449

Aeris Environmental Limited
Technology: SmartENERGY HVAC sanitisation and optimisation system
Contact: Peter Bush
Phone: +61 419018369

Ash Air
Technology: Automated controls and heat recovery for compressed air systems
Contact: Geoff Brown
Phone: 09 444 8486

Coolsense Ltd
Technology: Milk chilling system with heat recovery
Contact: Allan Steele
Phone: 07 849 0006

Ecopoint Ltd
Technology: Specialised LED lighting for hospital operating theatres
Location: Level 4, James Smith Building, 49-55 Cuba Street, Wellington
Contact: Peter Maurer
Phone: 04 499 3636
Mobile: 021 879969
Technology: Ozone laundry support systems
Location: 41 Trugood Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland
Contact: Justin Treagus
Phone: 09 274 9324

Entec Services Ltd
Technology: Biogas generators
Contact: Bob Weston
Phone: 09 277 2211

Greenstage Power Ltd 
Technology: Energy management and data analysis equipment
Contact: John Gorman
Phone: 0508 PICOGRID

Holland Solutions Ltd 
Technology: Horticultural LED lighting solutions & applications (grow lights)
Location: Wellington
Contact: Rob Scheffers
Phone: 04 383 5102
Mobile: 021 057 4319
Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd 
Technology: Large scale heat pump heating cooling system (Monolith)
Location: 3 Corban Ave, Henderson, Auckland
Contact: Kevin Trigg
Phone: 09 838 9444

Schneider Electric (NZ) Ltd
Technology: Data centre cooling controls
Contact: Scott Noyes
Phone: 09 820 7874

Schraeder Nachf
Technology: Heat recovery systems
Contact: Rene Haeberli
Phone: 06 385 4871

Shaw Diesels Limited
Technology: Green Power Biogas Cogeneration Engines
Contact: David Shaw
Phone: 09 414 7360

Sital Klima Australasia Ltd
Technologies: Polarized-media electronic air cleaner and large scale heat recovery units.
Contact: Peter Haynes
Phone: 09 298 8175

Smooth-Air Products Ltd 
Technologies: Air to air heat recovery and cooling units, Coolnomix intelligent Thermostat.
Contact: Paul Shaw
Phone: 09 579 3257

Snapchill Ltd
Technology: Milk pre-chilling equipment with heat recovery
Contact: Dale Stone
Phone: 027 354 2558

Solair Pty Ltd 
Technology: SolarVenti Thermal Air Collector
Contact: Eamon Corless
Phone: +61 2 43678252

Spark Energy Ltd
Technology: Biomass boilers
Contact: Eduard Ebbinge
Phone: 03 428 2992

Temperzone Ltd
Technologies: Brushless DC Fan Motors and Hot Water Heat Pumps         
Location: 38 Tidal Rd, Mangere, Auckland        
Contact: Adrian Kerr        
Phone: 09 279 5250        
UV Solutionz Ltd
Technology:  Germicidal UVC lamps for enhance IAQ and efficiency improvement of HVAC coils               
Contact: Sean McNulty          
Phone: 0800 000 510       

Windsor Engineering Group
Technology: Dust collector controls
Contact: Gary Wilson
Phone: 04 232 8080