EMANZ training courses

EMANZ, the Energy Management Association of New Zealand, works with EECA to improve energy management knowledge and standards in New Zealand.

EMANZ delivers specialist practitioner energy management training and professional development, and works with organisations across a range of technologies and disciplines to target areas where significant improvements in energy efficiency can be made.

EMANZ courses are reviewed and updated based on current industry best practice, and delivered by EMANZ trainers who are industry specialists in the particular training field.

EMANZ delivers the following training and professional development courses:


Commercial Skills Development

When:    21 September & 26 October 2018
Where:   Auckland
Trainer:  Maurice Batey (CEO Group)

This course is designed to help members win, satisfy and retain clients and increase rates of proposal acceptance.  It is targeted at developing relationship building skills and understanding how to create value for clients. The programme runs in two one-day blocks.

The first is a one-day workshop to cover the core content of the course and establish peer development partnerships with other participants. The second one-day workshop is to review actions and learning, the implementation of action plans and the presentation of plans and proposals. In the period between workshops, participants will work within their peer groups to develop skills and action plans.

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Energy Procurement for Business

When:    26 September 2018
Where:   Auckland
Trainer:  Paul Chapman (Energy Link)

This one-day Energy Procurement for Business is for business professionals responsible for purchasing energy (e.g. gas or electricity) worth more than $100,000 a year.

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Energy-Carbon Manager Professional Training & Accreditation

When:    6, 7, 8 & 9 November 2018
Where:   Wellington
Trainer:  ECMP Team

The course is suitable for people with diverse managerial expertise and experiences who need to acquire a better understanding of carbon management and energy productivity tools and technologies, as well as those with technical backgrounds who need to broaden their skills. It covers essential knowledge and provides a path to certification as an EMANZ Energy & Carbon Manager Professional for consultants wishing to become a partner in the EECA "Energy Management Advisor" programme.

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