Fuel efficiency workshops

Fuel efficiency workshops are the first step to implementing a fuel efficiency programme for small to medium transport fleets who want to save fuel, improve safety and be more competitive in the current market.

What’s on offer

We’ll support your fleet over 12 months with: 

  • 4 half-day workshops, spread over 4 to 6 months
  • 12 hours of one-on-one support from a fuel management adviser
  • financial assistance to implement the programme.

What the workshops cover

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Capturing data and setting your start point
  • Change management, leadership and communication
  • Driver initiatives, recognition and reward
  • Funding and support
  • Sharing progress and success stories

Benefits of having a fuel efficiency programme

  • Savings - you can save 10% to 18% on fuel costs for fleets with a fuel efficiency programme. A 10% fuel saving can increase a fleet’s profitability by up to 30%, depending on your profit margin and the proportion of spending that goes on fuel.
  • Fewer infringements 
  • Lower maintenance and insurance costs
  • Smaller carbon footprint – particularly important if you have customers that are committed to sustainability and will want emissions information from you for their own reporting

The programme works best when the owner or chief executive attends workshops, together with a fleet manager or fuel champion who will run the programme.


There is a set fee of $1,000 per fleet, plus a charge of $50 per truck up to a maximum total cost of $2,000. The remainder of the $3,500 workshop fee is covered by EECA.

Who should apply

Small to medium fleets (5 to 20 vehicles) who are likely to consume between 200,000 and 1 million litres per year.

How to apply

Workshops are limited to 8 attendees. 

To find out the dates of workshops planned for your area or if you’d like a workshop to be held in your area contact your local industry association. A workshop can be arranged if a minimum of 6 fleets are interested. 

National Road Carriers 

Contact Grant Turner on 09 636 2953 or grant.turner@natroad.co.nz

New Zealand Trucking Association 

Contact Carol McGeady on 0800 338 338 or carol.mcgeady@nztruckingassn.co.nz 

Road Transport Association

Contact your Area Executive through the Road Transport Association.

Road Transport Association website