Award Categories

The EECA Business Awards 2018 have a strong focus on climate change and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. There are five categories through which we seek to uncover diverse stories of big energy saving and emissions reductions from large energy users.

Entries have now closed.


To enter the EECA Business Awards 2018, an organisation must meet the following criteria:

  • The organisation is in a current EECA Collaboration Agreement contract; 


  • The organisation’s annual energy spend is greater than $1 million excluding GST AND the organisation emits a total of more than 10,000 tonnes of CO2 annually;


  • The organisation is in the public sector, with an annual energy spend of $200,000 or more.

In addition to the Awards eligibility criteria, each Award specifies criteria for entry to that category.

Please use the entry form supplied with your category. The following list of documents can be used for all categories:


Energy and Emissions Leadership Award

This Award recognises the achievements of a person who is demonstrating leadership in energy efficiency, emissions reduction and/or renewable energy in their organisation, industry or field of expertise, to the benefit of their organisation, community or sector.

Energy and Emissions Reduction Project Award

This Award is for individuals, project teams or organisations that have developed and implemented a successful, comprehensive energy management and/or emissions reduction project. Entrants must be able to demonstrate achievement in reducing energy consumption and/or emissions and costs, with a targeted, well-planned and executed strategy. This may include energy reductions due to ‘housekeeping' improvements, one-off projects or incorporating energy efficiency and emissions reduction into initial concepts or designs.

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award is for a new, ground-breaking energy efficiency, emissions reduction or renewable energy product, technology or process. It may be a one-off or pilot. It may be a newly created product; an innovative approach to project or service delivery; or the deployment of an established technology in a new way. This Award recognises projects that have achieved proven energy and emission benefits, and that have potential to inspire, make a difference, and demonstrate an ability to take a bright idea to market.

Public Sector Award

This category is open to central and local government and crown-funded organisations. The Award recognises public sector organisations that have successfully incorporated energy and emissions management into their corporate culture and established programmes or initiatives to manage and improve energy efficiency and emissions production.

Large Energy User of the Year Award

This category is open to businesses with a large annual energy spend and high annual emissions. The Award recognises an organisation that has completed a successful energy efficiency, emissions reduction or renewable energy initiative as part of a comprehensive energy and/or emissions management strategy. The award will recognise efforts over a longer-term.


Judging for the EECA Business Awards 2018 is being provided by the University of Waikato, whose Energy Research Group is recognised as one of New Zealand’s foremost industrial engineering learning organisations.