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Services include

  • Energy management plan
  • Monitoring and targeting


Energy and Technical Services (ETSL) offers a full range of energy and utility management services suitable for all types of organisations – from those who may have never before considered energy and utility management, to those who may have advanced programmes.
The range of services we offer include energy & utility management advice and consultancy, energy auditing, energy contract procurement, carbon emission tracking & reporting and our own in-house energy & utility software management called  EBench. We have also developed  e-Calc, an online platform that determines and demonstrates financial and non-financial benefits of key sustainability and efficiency related initiatives. It is based on the world-leading International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and ETSL devised algorithms, that calculate avoided costs and revenue generation across the various business, finance, and operational categories.
Energy and Technical Services (and/or employees) is a member or certified by the following organisations or programmes: Carbon Zero, CMVP, Sustainable Business Council, tefma INC, EMANZ.
If you or your organisation is considering ways to improve the way you use energy and utilities then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact Details

Contact: Geoff Bennett
Address: L6, Waterside House, 220 Willis Street, Marion Square,Wellington, 6141
Phone: 04 384 6121