Energy Solution Providers

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Services include

  • Energy audits
    • Refrigeration
    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Fan systems
    • Lighting
    • Process heat
    • Compressed air
    • Pumping
  • Energy management plan
  • Monitoring and targeting
  • Systems optimisation


This EECA Business programme partner is qualified to provide these types of energy audits for all systems listed above;

Type 1 – Basic Audits and
Type 2 - Detailed Energy Audits

To view a full definition of each Energy Audit type refer to the Energy Audit section under Funding and Support.


ESP measures and reduces energy consumption. This is a cost saving that does not affect capacity or quality, and therefore goes straight to the bottom line. Our service also enables the achievement of sustainability goals in their various forms at more then 50 organisations with over 500 sites throughout NZ. Since 2001 ESP has saved our customers more then $19,700,000, which is equivalent to taking 14,000 houses permanently of the electricity grid.


ESP’s service model revolves around the collection, storage, measurement, analysis and reporting of energy use data. This typically involves installation of sub load metering, processing the data through our own analytical software to identify the full potential for energy savings, and the cost if any. We then offer a full service consulting practice that provides on site audits, analysis, project management and advice on sustainability best practice.

Contact Details

Contact: Jeremy Allen
Address: Unit GH, 10-14 Upper Queen Street, Auckland
Phone: 021 331 996