EnergyPro Solutions

Services include

  • Monitoring and targeting


EnergyPro Solutions Limited is the longest serving energy management company in New Zealand. Since 1992, they have been enabling organisations to best monitor and manage their energy utilities consumption and costs. The EnergyPro system consolidates all energy utilities and GHG emission sources data and enables effective monitoring, reporting and targeting with verification of savings; utilising supplier invoices, TOU/smart meters interval data and sub-meters. 

They have worked extensively with organisations’ energy team and sustainability managers, empowering their energy management program to achieve and exceed saving targets. Their services include:

  • Implementing organisation wide monitoring and targeting (M&T) system
  • Energy and carbon reporting, including budgets and targets
  • Data stewardship with on-going operational deliverables
  • Energy management advisory and consultancy, including training and management workshops
  • Monitoring ECM's and projects with verification of savings

Their experience remains unmatched and delivers three key strengths; superior Information and Communications Technology (ICT) capability, exceptional support, and a clear focus on generating value for clients. They are continually refining their software and services to give customers the right information at the right time to make the right decisions and improve results.


  • EMANZ Accreditation held: CMVP 

Contact Details

Contact: Hitesh Patel
Address: Epsom Stand, Alexandra Park, Green Lane West, Epsom, Auckland
Phone: 09 630 0083