Pioneer Energy (ECOsystems Ltd)

Services include

  • Commercial building performance advice
    • Stage A - Thermal envelope
    • Stage B - Building services
    • Stage C - Commissioing
    • Stage D - Occupancy energy audit
  • Energy audits
    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Lighting
  • Energy management plan
  • Monitoring and targeting
  • Systems optimisation


This EECA Business programme partner is qualified to provide these types of energy audits for all systems listed above;

Type 1 – Basic Audits and
Type 2 - Detailed Energy Audits

For Type 3 – Precision Subsystem Audits, they are qualified to provide audits for the following systems;

-    Lighting
-    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

To view a full definition of each Energy Audit type refer to the Energy Audit section under Funding and Support.

Contact Details

Contact: Mike Kelly
Address: Nationwide
Phone: 021 747 123
Website: http:\\