Christchurch Casino turns to energy efficiency because they knew they couldn’t lose


Christchurch Casino set out to cut costs through energy efficiency but as Brian Johnson, Christchurch Casino Building Services Manager says, the changes have not only resulted in substantial cost savings but also created a much more comfortable environment for customers and staff.

“Our staff are happier because their work environment is more comfortable, and the improvements to building monitoring mean we can fix problems that arise before our staff or customers even notice.”

“The Board have been so impressed with the results that they are embracing energy efficiency throughout the broader group of businesses they operate.”

The project started with a focus from Casino management on reducing ongoing energy costs and led to an energy audit carried out by energy and utility consultants Enercon in 2012. Improvements identified included changes to existing air-conditioning controls, fresh air intake and lighting.  These opportunities were implemented and fine-tuned during 2013.

The changes didn’t stop there.

In 2013, the Casino also opted to install a new, very efficient air handling unit on the main gaming floor. The new unit exceeded energy savings expectations.

A recent review of the energy savings at the Christchurch Casino shows an 18.5% reduction in electricity use since the original energy audit due to these changes. These improvements have saved the Casino $138,000 a year and over 1 gigawatt hour in energy savings per year as well.

Sam Roose, Divisional Manager for Enercon, said that the Casino is a great example of the big gains to be made in many commercial buildings through changes to air conditioning units.

“Prior to the audit, the air conditioning units were drawing more outside air than required. The Casino was built in 1993 and the units had been designed to deal with people smoking inside and had not been optimised for smoke-free environments.”

The potential for cost savings and other benefits such as a more comfortable work environment, improved productivity, and enhanced competitiveness as a result of energy management are enormous for New Zealand businesses – and many have already switched on to it.

So if you want to cut costs, don’t take a gamble. Find out how energy efficiency can deliver the savings you’re after and much more.

Company profile

The Company

Opened in 1994, Christchurch Casino is a 4,087.5 m2 casino located in Christchurch.


The Consultants

Established in 2004, Enercon is an energy and utility consultancy adding value to industrial, institutional and commercial businesses through managing and reducing utility costs. Enercon is based in Christchurch but also works nationally with many clients around the country.

Big numbers

  • 18.5% reduction in electricity use
  • $138,000 energy savings each year
  • 1 gigawatt hour saved per year

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