LEDs flood light in a harsh environment

Ports of Auckland (POAL) operates the port for New Zealand’s largest city, handling containers, vehicles, bulk goods and cruise ships. It has nearly 80ha of wharves and cargo handling areas.

Floodlighting at the port must stand up to a tough maritime environment provide sufficient light at ground level for safe operations. These were priorities for the port, even though LEDs use far less energy.

The project

The technology demonstration project

The project aimed to demonstrate that LEDs are now a viable alternative in many HID lighting applications. 

The port changed floodlights on 46 light towers to a new type of LED, Philips ClearFlood. Twenty percent less light fittings were required and the challenges of the maritime environment were all met.  

The port plans to roll out the technology to a further 23 towers.

This was the first time LEDs had been used for floodlighting in a New Zealand port.

 Port light - saving money and energy - video

Who they worked with

POAL received technical advice from independent experts EnergyNZ and part funding from EECA.  EECA helped fund the project to test an underused technology on behalf of New Zealand, with a lower investment risk to the port.

Key Benefits

Key benefits achieved through the project:

  • Energy savings - 66% annual saving on lighting costs (more than $270,000 in cost savings).
  • The port expects to pay back this project, based on energy cost savings, in under 3 years.  This compares well to conventional lighting.
  • Reduced maintenance costs - fittings provide up to 23 years of all-night lighting compared to 3 for conventional lights, which means less changing and less working at height.

Other benefits of the technology:

  • Can be dimmed (20% and 100% settings) 
  • Shine at full strength instantly – conventional lights take 5-10 minutes to warm up.

Who could use this technology?

Who could use it?

  • Ports
  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Sports complexes e.g. tennis, swimming
  • Car parks

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