Deloitte Award Finalists 2019

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Deloitte Awards Results 2019

EECA is proud to have sponsored the Large Energy User Initiative of the Year Award.

This category awards outstanding energy-related initiatives that have delivered significant benefits, carried out by large energy users. Past winners have shown successful energy efficiency and emissions reduction programmes or alternative energy supply and value additions to their operations.​


Fonterra - Biomass co-firing conversion
Lower carbon dairy manufacturing: Brightwater Biomass Co-Firing Conversion

Recognising the environmental impacts associated with the company’s carbon footprint, Fonterra is investing in alternative fuel sources, such as biomass to generate process heat.  Moving to a low carbon energy supply enables Fonterra to continue to prosper. Key to transitioning to net zero emissions, while ensuring appropriate energy is available to run its large-scale manufacturing sites, is testing new technologies prior to scaling them across the business. The proximity of Fonterra’s Brightwater site to an existing wood chip supply provided an ideal opportunity for the company to utilise a local wood chip supply to effectively “give this a go.”

Fonterra website

Spark - Energy optimisation programme
Energy Optimisation through Major Technology and Infrastructure Programmes

Spark provides critical telecommunications services to millions of New Zealanders, and we are seeing demand for these services increase substantially every year. The challenge we face is to meet this demand without increasing our energy consumption at a similar rate. Over the past 24-months, Spark has invested in a range of initiatives to ensure our networks, products and services are as efficient as they can be. These programmes of work have been complex from a technical and a process point of view, but they have made a substantial difference in improving our efficiency – to the point where an independent party has recognised us as world-class in our performance.

Spark website

Red Stag Timber - Biomass powered sawmill

Red Stag Timber is an industry leader when it comes to producing quality structural timber products. The largest sawmill in the Southern Hemisphere processing one million tons of logs per year. We have recently added a new biomass boiler and steam turbine generator. This allows the site to process all of its waste residues, supply all its own thermal energy, all of its own electricity and exports power to the national grid – all carbon neutral from local sustainable plantation forestry. A true biomass powered sawmill.

Red Stag Timber website


Congratulations to our 2019 winner: Red Stag Timber - Biomass powered sawmill

Featured from left to right:

  • Andrew Caseley - Chief Executive, EECA
  • Paul Laing - Commercial Manager    - Red Stag Timber
  • Shane Batchelor - Operations Manager - Red Stag Timber
  • Tim Butters - Energy Centre Co-ordinator - Red Stag Timber
  • Anthony    Garea - Electrical and Projects Engineer - Red Stag Timber
  • John Kidd – Director Head of Research, Enerlytica (Judge)

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