Laundering with the power of a storm

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Tendercare laundry in Rotorua has installed a laundry ozone gas generator, which replicates the conditions of a storm, introducing ozone into the water under pressure. Thanks to this technology the business is now saving 30% on their water bill, and up to 95% on their hot water bill – while actually increasing their loads of commercial laundry.


About the technology:

Comprised of three oxygen atoms, ozone gas is formed in the atmosphere when oxygen comes into contact with highly charged electrical energy during a storm. The gas cleans, whitens and brightens and destroys bacteria – all without the use of hot water – before it naturally reverts back to oxygen. Most people are familiar with oxidising agents that can be bought from the supermarket which remove stains by oxidisation - ozone works in the same way, by breaking the chemical bonds of stains, such as soil or food, via oxidation, which then releases them from the fabric.

Ozone also kills bacteria and viruses that may be present in clothes and fabrics at extraordinary rates, by causing oxidative damage to biological cells. It kills microorganisms found in dirty laundry around 3,000 times faster than bleach. Heat causes ozone gas to break down quickly, which is why ozone is actually more effective at lower temperatures – meaning large savings on the water heating bill. Tendercare Laundry has implemented this technology with the help of EECA, and are now enjoying a saving of up to 95% on their water heating bill.

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