Staff engagement - The working environment

Find out how increasing productivity can start with improving the working environment.


How the right working environment can help engage staff

Creating the right working environment can benefit your business – brighter, better-ventilated, well planned workplaces create happier, healthier staff, improving productivity and increasing output. Orora Beverage Cans’ Peter Dobney explains how happier staff have more than repaid their investment in lighting and ventilation.


Staff Engagement - Creating a working Environment that’s good for staff and your business  

In any business, keen, motivated staff help your company succeed. 

Energy efficiency projects can help you create the most productive environment for your staff, whether you operate a factory, a truck or a commercial office. People working in brighter, better ventilated workplaces can achieve more, have fewer sick days, and are happier overall.

Peter Dobney – General Manager, Resources and Energy - Orora Beverage Cans

The energy efficiency project has helped improve the working environment, we’ve got higher lighting levels in the factory, we’ve got better insulation so we’ve got a lot less surfaces that are hot, that might burn people, we have much lower noise levels in the factory, because we’ve fitted VSDs to a lot of the equipment, so it’s not running flat out all the time, it’s just running at the speed that it needs to be run, so these are a number of things that have improved the working environment.

Peter Dobney

We’ve had reports back from our health & safety people – the improvements that we’ve made particularly in the areas around lighting – it has had various spinoffs in terms of safety and having a much brighter and friendlier working environment makes us get a good buy-in from workers.

Leon Clews – Operations Manager, Facilities and Engineering - Capital & Coast DHB

We’ve created a much more comfortable environment for our staff and our patients, we’ve reduced some of the disruption that occurs in those environments and we’ve got some long term benefit out of it.


At EECA Business, we’ve got the tools to help get you started. We’ve developed a Staff Engagement ‘Toolbox’ – a set of checklists, guides and templates, you can download for free, to help you develop your own staff engagement programme.

No matter what business you’re in, actively engaging staff in energy management will improve the wider results and benefits of your energy management programme.

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