Staff engagement - Working with trusted advisors

Mutual trust and support can create lasting partnerships and greater success.


Working with trusted advisors

Some of the strongest and most successful business partnerships are built over a long period of time. But even in short projects, the keys to success are the same; mutual trust, a willingness to look at new ideas, and a robust way to predict likely success. Hellers Ltd and Active Refrigeration worked together to find an innovative solution to hot water generation. Find out what they did in our video.


Staff Engagement - Working with trusted advisors

Great ideas can come from within or outside your organisation. Treating your staff and suppliers as part of the same team can help you uncover new opportunities – and they’ll both help you deliver.

Craig Duff – Director, Active Refrigeration

In order to bring projects to fruition…often businesses do have meetings and often unscheduled meetings, where we just talk about opportunities, how we can improve their business how we can grow together and support each other and there’s a lot of trust in the room at that point. And without that trust and a leap of faith then the innovation boundaries are not pushed, and they’re only going to be pushed if the trust exists.


At EECA Business, we’ve got the tools to help get you started. We’ve developed a Staff Engagement ‘Toolbox’ – a set of checklists, guides and templates, you can download for free, to help you develop your own staff engagement programme.

No matter what business you’re in, actively engaging staff in energy management will improve the wider results and benefits of your energy management programme.

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