Vertical farm saves cost and emissions with LEDs


Shoots Microgreens have innovated to become the first vertical farm in New Zealand – reaping the benefits of customisable LED lights; from increased productivity, to significant cost and energy savings.

Shoots co-owner Matt Keltie opened the business in February 2018, after gaining funding support from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to install the LED grow lights.

Read the Shoots Microgreens case study

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Power your own business

Case Study: Shoots Microgreens Wellington

This Urban Farm is enabled by LEDs

LED colour is adjusted for each microgreen variety

Meaning they can grow twice as fast

Reducing lighting energy by 45%

Saving the business $25,000  a year

Delivering locally keeps transport emissions down

Ensuring an ECO-friendly garden-to-plate journey

Imagine what energy efficient technology could do for your business

 View the full Shoots Microgreens case study here

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