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Energy management programmes will help any size business to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, and improve its performance.


Find energy efficiency advice that’s relevant to the technologies and equipment you use.

Heating, ventilation & air conditioning
Office equipment

Develop an energy plan

An energy management programme will help your organisation to get the most benefit from energy efficiency opportunities. Having an energy programme encourages your organisation to continue to use energy wisely and to make energy management part of your culture.

 Develop an energy plan

Funding and support

EECA support for large energy users

We partner with large businesses across New Zealand that spend more than $1 million a year on energy and have high carbon emissions. We work with them over the long term to make cost-effective energy savings and reduce carbon emissions.
 Support for large energy users

Energy management plan

Our energy management support can help you to make saving energy and reducing emissions part of your business. Companies with energy management strategies generally save much more energy than those without.
Energy management plan

If you want your business to make better use of energy or reduce your carbon footprint, our energy audit is an invaluable tool. An energy audit evaluates how energy is best used and identifies the energy and cost saving opportunities.
Energy audits