Energy management

The production of wood fuel often requires energy in the form of electricity. While it is common for companies to consider electricity as a fixed cost, it is actually a variable cost which can be managed. In fact many businesses can achieve savings of 10-30%.

In a wood fuel production operation, these savings may be made by:

  • Turning off machines when not in use
  • Replacing old, inefficient equipment with new, more efficient equipment
  • Generating electricity on-site
  • Avoiding peak electricity demand times and negotiating lower line charges
  • Balancing electricity usage so the highest consuming equipment is not all operating at the same timeImage of industrial plant

Developing an energy management approach can be the first step towards making savings on electricity. Your energy management approach should look at your particular facilities, processes or technologies and identify how you are using your energy, what savings targets you can set and how you can implement your savings plan.