Driving buses and trucks that are more fuel efficient reduces carbon emissions, fossil fuel usage and costs. The way drivers operate these heavy vehicles affects both fuel consumption and the safety of your fleet.



The vehicles you choose and how you maintain them affects how much fuel you can save. This section covers engines and driver training, vehicle selection, maintenance issues and vehicles.

Fuel efficiency for bus and truck operators

Fuel can account for as much as 20% of your operational budget and as such, represents a significant factor in the profitability of your business.

Monitoring and measuring fuel use

Monitoring and measuring fuel use is essential for a good fuel efficiency programme within your business. This section gives information on collecting and evaluating fuel use data, using KPIs, reporting results and setting targets.

 Monitoring and measuring fuel use

Fleet management

Changing how you run the fleet can take careful management. This section has advice on getting started, managing change, involving staff, and KPIs to help assess performance.

 Fleet management

Driver behaviour

Driver behaviour has a crucial impact on fuel consumption. This section has information on speeding and idling, and advice on driver training.

 Driver behaviour

Transporting freight and passengers

Transporting freight

Transporting freight is the core business of the road freight industry and is essential to the New Zealand economy. The volume of freight moved across New Zealand is expected to increase in coming years. Operating your fleet efficiently helps to keep the transport cost component of goods low, and helps make New Zealand be more competitive internationally.

Creating a low emission freight sector

EECA and Sustainable Business Council held a series of seminars about how we can create a low emissions freight sector for New Zealand.

Representatives of the road transport, rail and coastal shipping industry spoke about opportunities to reduce emissions and make freight movement more efficient.

International expert on freight efficiency programmes, Sophie Punte, Executive Director of the Smart Freight Centre in the Netherlands was the key note speaker and videos of her presentation during the Auckland seminar on the 5th of October 2016 are available below.

Video - Presentation by Sophie Punte - Part 1

Video - Presentation by Sophie Punte - Part 2

Sophie Punte's presentation material is available on the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) website.

Presentation material by Sophie Punte - SFC website

Presentations given by Peter Reidy (CEO KiwiRail), Ken Shirley (CEO Road Transport Forum), Steve Chapman (president NZ Shipping Federation), Abbie Reynolds (SBC Executive Director and Mike Underhill (EECA CEO) are available below.

Travelling for business

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has developed tips and tools to make business related travel more efficient, including travel to and from work.

Travelling for business - NZTA website