Driver training

An effective fuel efficiency programme should include a driver development element to enhance driver knowledge of vehicle technology and improved driving practices. Alongside improving the fuel efficiency of drivers, the driver development plan will improve safety through adherence to speed limits and reduced maintenance costs.

Benefits of driver training

Training your heavy vehicle drivers to drive more safely and fuel efficiently can help your business to:

  • reduce fuel costs
  • improve driver performance and satisfaction
  • increase productivity
  • improve vehicle resale value
  • reduce running and maintenance costs
  • create a strong health and safety culture
  • lower risk of vehicle damage and injury
  • reduce insurance costs
  • reduce harmful vehicle emissions
  • improve customer and community relationships.

We provide posters to remind drivers about fuel efficient driving techniques.

 Fuel efficient driving posters

SAFED NZ driver training

We recommend the Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving New Zealand (SAFED NZ) comprehensive one-day driver training scheme for heavy vehicle drivers. You can train drivers in-house or use external driver trainers.

Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving New Zealand website

What’s on the course

  • A one-day training course for professional heavy vehicle drivers (there are separate courses for truck drivers and bus or coach drivers).
  • An approved SAFED NZ instructor assesses driver performance initially on a specific route.
  • The assessment is followed by training in best practice safe and fuel efficient driving techniques.
  • Drivers are reassessed on the same route to record improvements in performance and fuel consumption.
  • Drivers are assessed on safety check and theory exercises.
  • Final grades are based on practical driving sessions and theory exercises.
  • Instructors recommend areas where drivers could benefit from extra training.
  • Drivers agree fuel targets.
  • A certificate of achievement is awarded to successful participants.