Fuel efficient driving posters

Print these posters and place around your business to remind drivers about fuel efficient driving techniques.

Properly inflated tyres poster1-2014 [PDF 333KB]

Properly inflated tyres poster2-2014 [PDF 510KB]

Properly inflated tyres poster3-2014 [PDF 932KB]

Engine idling poster1-2014 [PDF 669KB]

Engine idling poster2-2014 [PDF 374KB]

Engine idling poster3-2014 [PDF 301KB]

Speed costs poster1-2014 [PDF 368KB]

Speed costs poster2-2014 [PDF 341KB]

Constant speed poster1-2014 [PDF 349KB]

Constant speed poster2-2014 [PDF 537KB]

Constant speed poster3-2014 [PDF 325KB]

Cover trailer poster1-2014 [PDF 315KB]

Cover trailer poster2-2014 [PDF 327KB]

Fuel efficiency poster1-2014 [PDF 417KB]

Wheels axles poster1-2014 [PDF 229KB]

Aerodynamics poster1-2014 [PDF 369KB]

Truck off poster1-2014 [PDF 553KB]

SAFEDNZ poster1-2014 [PDF 302KB]

SAFEDNZ poster2-2014 [PDF 361KB]