We award the ENERGY STAR® mark to products on sale in New Zealand that are super energy efficient.
When your organisation buys ENERGY STAR products, it not only helps to reduce your energy costs, but shows you’re committed to protecting the environment.

The ENERGY STAR® mark is retiring at the end of 2017. EECA started using the voluntary ENERGY STAR label in 2005 as a quick guide to help consumers choose energy efficient appliances. ENERGY STAR has become less relevant as the trans-Tasman E3 programme has gained momentum – this programme regulates to remove the worst performing products from the market and lets consumers compare the energy efficiency of appliances through the Energy Rating Label.

ENERGY STAR products

Choosing ENERGY STAR qualified business equipment, such as copiers, printers and scanners, can save up to 30% on the running cost of these products.

You can find out if a product has ENERGY STAR status by looking under the relevant category on our ENERGY STAR tool


ENERGY STAR partners

Many leading office equipment retailers, manufacturers and service providers are ENERGY STAR partners. They’ll advise you about energy efficient products and help your business to use energy more efficiently. You can find partner details under the relevant categories in our ENERGY STAR tool.