ENERGYWISE™ approved tyres

Tyres might all look similar, but their performance varies greatly. The ENERGYWISE™ approval mark for tyres is an easy way to tell if tyres deliver safety and fuel efficiency.

About ENERGYWISE approved tyres

ENERGYWISE approved tyres must meet ENERGYWISE standards for both fuel efficiency and safety (braking in the wet). The lower the rolling resistance of a tyre, the easier it is to turn, and the less fuel your car will use.

Find ENERGYWISE approved tyres

Ask your mechanic or tyre specialist for ENERGYWISE approved tyres. Or you can find out which ENERGYWISE approved tyres are available for your car, and where to buy them, by using our ENERGYWISE fuel efficient tyres tool.

Saving with ENERGYWISE approved tyres

Switching to ENERGYWISE approved tyres could save you up to $500 over the life of the tyres, or up to 15 cents per litre.

Visit our ENERGYWISE website to find out more about the savings you can make and how tyres qualify to be ENERGYWISE approved.  

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